National Dahlia Show


September 22-25, 2022 – Reston, VA

American Dahlia Society – National Capital Dahlia Society

Dahlia Gardening

2022 Show Sponsors

Swan Island Dahlias
Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias produces the largest full-color dahlia catalog in the industry. They hybridize their own new varieties, planting over 15,000 seedlings each year. From those original seedlings, it takes about 4 to 5 years to introduce a new seedling for sale. Each season they introduce anywhere from 5 to 15 new varieties which are featured in our catalog and at our farm. They grow over 370 varieties on almost 40 acres that are open to the public during the blooming season and host the largest dahlia festival in the United States featuring over 400 dahlia arrangements during the six-day festival. They are very proud of the farming tradition their family brings to the business they’ve owned and operated for three generations. They are dedicated to bringing the best and highest quality dahlias the world has to offer now and in future generations to come.

995 NW 22nd Ave
Canby, OR 97013


(503) 266-7711 or 1-800-410-6540

October – July
9am-4:30pm PT

August – September
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
9am-5:30pm PT
Closed Wednesday

Lobaugh Dahlias


What is DAHLIA addict?


DAHLIAaddict is a database of dahlia varieties available for mail-order sale to the US and Canada. Why? To help dahlia lovers find the varieties they crave.

Do you love DAHLIAaddict? Take your place as a supporter this year. Your business name, handle, initials, or dedication will appear on all the search results for a particular letter. Do you crave fame? Bigger dollar supporters get higher traffic letters.

Happy dahlia hunting, everyone!

May the coming months be kind to you, and if they cannot be, may your gardens be a source of peace.


Lobaugh Dahlias


We Grow Dahlias With Pride


Phone or Text;  360-219-7966

Santa Cruz Dahlias




Santa Cruz Dahlias is a no-till organic dahlia farm operated by Kristine Albrecht in Santa Cruz, California.  Kristine is known for her award-winning dahlia hybrids and in 2020 released a book on dahlia breeding.





Growing a Better World

Based in Lakeland, Florida since 1941, Harrell’s is a leading producer and distributor of customized, agronomic solutions – not merely “products.” This includes nutritional solutions in both granular and liquid form to help your turf, landscape and plants grow and thrive. We also specialize in delivering solutions to help protect your world from pests, environmental threats and climate extremes. Naturally, we have production and storage facilities throughout the country to ensure timely, efficient shipments.





Crazy 4 Dahlias is owned and operated by John Spangenberg. I am located in Damascus, Maryland and I have been growing and exhibiting dahlias for 18 years. I am a member of the National Capital Dahlia Society. I am a senior judge and am on the Classification Committee in the American Dahlia Society. I am also the director for the Mid Atlantic Trial Garden.

We grow about 800 dahlias each year. we grow 95% show dahlias. Our location in Maryland is not the most hospitable place to grow dahlias. There are many varieties that do not preform in out hot and humid summer. Our focus is to develop and grow dahlias that will preform at show in a hotter climate. We feel that if they do well here they should excel almost every where else. Every year we try out many new introduction to see how well they do. If they don’t make the cut they are thrown out to make room for ones that do.






Chelan Butte Dahliary is a boutique farm solely dedicated to the cultivation, promotion, & distribution of top shelf dahlia tubers. We are located in the sagebrush steppe of North Central Washington near the Columbia River where the soil, climate, and irrigation merge into superb dahlia growing conditions. Visit our website and peruse last season’s gorgeous collection of cultivars. Next season’s offerings will be equally spectacular – kabloom!!!

Participating Societies Supporting the 2022 National Show

  • Central States Dahlia Society
  • Colorado Dahlia Society
  • Dahlia Society of Ohio
  • Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
  • Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society
  • Mid Island Dahlia Society
  • Nova Scotia Dahlia Society
  • Western Michigan Dahlia Society
  • Yankee Dahlia Society


This is the place to learn about finding, growing and showing Dahlias. 

If you’re in the Denver area, attend one of our meetings or events and get to know the great group of people who make up the Colorado Dahlia Society.


Central States Dahlia Society




CSDS Celebrates 90 Years

CSDS was officially established in February, 1932.  That’s 90 short years ago.  CSDS is one of the largest affiliated members of the American Dahlia Society.  Our membership is steadily growing along with the increasing interest in dahlias across the United States.  Currently, we have close to 250 dahlia lovers.

We have monthly meetings from October through April.  At each meeting we have a technical presentation that helps everyone grow a better dahlia.  During the other months, members host garden walks and we hold the Fall Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden.



The Dahlia Society of Ohio (DSO) was founded in 1930.  We are one of over 70 societies that comprise the American Dahlia Society (ADS),

We are a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary objectives are to encourage the cultivation of dahlias, exchange information about dahlias, and increase public awareness of dahlias.



The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society was formed in 1948 and continues promoting its members’ favorite flower. Throughout its history, the GPDS has been the “home” of dedicated and knowledgeable dahlia growers.

A historical highlight was the hosting of the national show during the nation’s bicentennial celebration in 1976.

Our society’s annual show is held each September at what we believe is the most spectacular of show venues – Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.


Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society



The Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society is a local chapter of the National American Dahlia Society. The national is  non-profit organization founded for the purpose of stimulating interest in, disseminating information about, and promoting the culture and development of, the dahlia. 

The chapter was founded in 1937 and  Jack Ripper, yes that was his name, the first president. The first show was in 1938. The picture above is a copy of the first show brochure.  We have exhibited at many different venues over the years including Monroeville Mall and South Hills Village.  Currently our show is at Trax Farm in Finleyville.

Our members are passionate about growing and showing dahlias. We enjoy passing on our knowledge to the next group of dahlia enthusiasts. Do you think you might be interested in growing or do you have a question on storing dahlia tubers? We are anxious to help. 

Mid Island Dahlia Society




The Mid Island Dahlia Society meets the first Monday of the month (except for January, when there is no meeting) at 8pm in Winthrop Hall on Advent Street, Westbury, NY. Click Here for map…

The Society maintains a Trial Garden and Display Garden behind the Administration Building at Eisenhower park. Visit us at the park Sunday between 9am and 11am during the growing season. Click Here for map…

We also maintain the Paul Callahan Dahlia Garden at the Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Oyster Bay, meeting there Wednesdays at 9am to learn Dahlia culture with other members. Click Here for Map…

Nova Scotia Dahlia Society



We LOVE Dahlias!

And we want you to love them too!

What the Dahlia Society of Nova Scotia does:
  • We meet regularly, with informative programs, to share information about the wonderful world of dahlias.

  • We hold an annual tuber sale where thousands of tubers are sold to the public by our members at very reasonable prices, to encourage others to grow these beautiful flowers.

  • We publish a regular newsletter in which we share information about our upcoming events and dahlia tips.

  • We love to show off our beautiful dahlias! We participate in dahlia shows and take blooms to other gardening events, place arrangements at church and community social events.

  • And, our gardens provide a showpiece of dahlias for people passing by to enjoy!




The West Michigan Dahlia Society holds an annual banquet, tuber sale, and dahlia show each year, as well as summer meetings in member gardens. Our membership continues to grow, and we hope that you will join us. We love to share our ideas as we continue to learn all about the dahlia flower.

We discuss planting, maintaining normal plant health, diseases, arranging and how to stage dahlias at displays and shows. Showing a dahlia is as simple as showing up with a couple of flowers or arrangements, and we can help you become an award winning dahlia exhibitor!

Yankee Dahlia Society



Hi, we’re Misty and Carol, two friends who met growing dahlias. So, when two friends who love dahlias want to make other new friends who also love dahlias, they start a club!

We had a vision of creating a fun space where people who love dahlias could gather and connect, in person and through social media, to learn, have fun, and enjoy growing dahlias together.

Yankee Dahlia Society is a proud member of the American Dahlia Society. Since 1915 the American Dahlia Society has been made up of local chapters around the United States and Canada. Today over 70 clubs are affiliated with ADS and their mission to stimulate interest while promoting the culture and the development of the dahlia. YDS looks forward to participating with ADS and the dahlia club community to enrich and share our dahlia knowledge and connect with growers across the country.